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Didn't find your ideal car in our inventory? We can find it for you and assist with one aspect of or the entire process of your purchase, including handling your trade-in. Check out our process and contact us if you're ready to put the car of your dreams in your garage.

Retainer-based search program

Due to the high volume of casual requests we get for vehicles, in order to prioritize our clients and our time we have instituted a retainer-based vehicle location program. We start with a $1000 retainer. This goes towards the purchase price of the vehicle once it is located - it acts as a down payment. Once the retainer is received, we will consult with you on your needs and wants and advise you on the search process, timeline and set reasonable budget expectations. We can also advise you on financing and establish a value on your trade.

The retainer is refundable only for a 7-day period. If you are not satisfied with our services or change your mind within that timeline, we will refund the retainer. After that, if you choose not to purchase a vehicle, we collect the retainer as a consulting fee for our time and efforts. If you do purchase a vehicle, the $1000 retainer becomes a down-payment that is applied to the purchase of the vehicle. Our broker fee, typically around 4-6%, will be included in the purchase price of the car. You don't pay 4-6% more to use our services we make our money by buying the car right so that you are getting the car you desire at market-correct
pricing with everything included.

Note: At no point in time are you obligated to purchase any vehicle that we find, nor is the retainer a contract to
buy. It is a good faith intent to purchase, but you as the buyer have the final say on any purchase - we are here to
advise you on the process and help you make a wise decision.

Consulting-only option

If you love the thrill of the hunt and enjoy negotiations, and want to handle the search and acquisition of the car on your own but want us alongside, you may choose to pay just the retainer for our assistance in the hunt. The $1000 consulting fee is good for one year of your vehicle hunt or until you locate and procure a vehicle within that timeframe.

Trade options

You may consign it with us while we are searching for the new vehicle in order to maximize the sale price. Once it is sold it will be treated as a trade-in so you will get the applicable sales-tax credit if your state allows for that. If it does not sell on consignment by the time we locate a vehicle that meets your criteria, we may establish a reasonable trade-in value and buy the car in order to complete your deal.

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