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About Doug Tabbutt

Doug founded Switchcars in 2005 after a brief stint in college, a failed online motorcycle parts business with an allegedly shady business partner, and an even briefer stint selling Land Rovers and Toyotas. His initial vision was to change the automotive industry, but it's more likely that after two decades the automotive industry has changed him.

His notable accomplishments outside of the dealership include founding GTvault - a curated historical database of Porsche 996/997 GT cars, judging at Concours events, recording an album with his band Emily & Ivory, telling stories on VINwiki, and setting not one, but two NY-LA Cannonball records. The two best days in his life are the day he bought his Corvette Boat and the day he sold it. Doug currently holds the overall NY-LA Cannonball record with his co-driver Arne Toman with a total elapsed time of 25 hours and 39 minutes.

*Switchcars, Inc does not endorse such nefarious behavior, but we can't get rid of him as he owns the joint.

Doug's Podcast

The Switchcars Podcast, "Switchcast", is an automotive-focused entertainment show taking inspiration from "Car Talk" - it's not just for the car nerds, it's for everyone! It's full of wit, sarcasm, and banter, with some real wisdom mixed in to help people buy, sell, and own cars in a more enjoyable manner. Hosted by Doug Tabbutt and Tyler Sanders, and produced by Ethan Hufnagle, check out Switchcast on your favorite audio podcast platform.

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It's highly probable that young Doug was dropped on his noggin, ate crayons, or inhaled exhaust fumes from vintage cars with unregulated emissions. That, or being homeschooled and binge-watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, has given him a unique perspective on the automotive landscape. Doug has appeared on podcasts around the world, been invited to speak at automotive clubs and auto industry conferences, and is a veteran storyteller on VINwiki with over 100 million total views. Want to have a breath of fresh (hot) air at your next conference or event? Contact Doug's agent (likely his wife) using the form below.

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